24 July 2017

just for the hell of it, i dyed my hair blue-black

i had not done this in a long time, and i had only done it twice before

maybe it’s been ten years or more since i dyed my hair

well i’m realizing why: there’s no point in going darker, because i can’t tell the difference at all

i guess my hair was already dark enough

god knows my brain is!!!

24 July 2017

welcome to my soggy hovel at the end of the world! and look! everything written here is a testament to my own cracked mental state, and is a constant source of embarrassment for everyone involved. though hey: it could be worse. if i keep writing long enough, i'll bet i could make it all get much worse. yes, i'm sure i could. and here's the thing: that's ok with me. what else am i gonna do? buy a house??

24 July 2017

o! sweet spirit! when does the horror of human life end? when does the Big Machine shut down once and for all? when are there no more of us in existence to suffer through this long dark dream? when does earth, now rid of us, sigh and repair itself and get the hell on with it???

does it happen soon? does it ever?

will one last ragged toothless human being ride this choked planet like a carnival ride as it is swallowed up by the dead sun?

lemme know

ok dude seeya later

24 July 2017

CMW: if you still read this trash, i don’t know. you told me a long time ago that it made you sad and you had to stop. but that sometimes you get drunk and look at it anyway. i was thinking about it and man, we’re definitely never going to see each other again, huh? maybe that’s OK. i have no idea. anyway: i like you a lot, but it really is OK if that’s the case. yeah.

24 July 2017

She had figured out that the most pervasive American disease was loneliness, and that even people at the top often suffered from it, and that they could be surprisingly responsive to attractive strangers who were friendly.

24 July 2017

On Sundays I have a Secret Ritual at an Undisclosed Diner near my house. We go around noon or so and get huge dumb cups of coffee and have ourselves a good ol time. I’m working my way through all the vegetarian stuff on the menu. Today I had some wrap-ass thing with cream cheese. Man, it ruled.

My friend Matt claims that as I was paying my bill at the front, the woman behind at the cash register turned to him and made a face because I had said that people who drink malted milkshakes probably also like kettle corn—both of which are pretty gross. He said when I said that her eyes got big in a sort of “Are you really hanging out with this idiot?” way. I thought that was funny as hell.

Afterwards we all drove to San Francisco’s Japantown. We ran around and laughed like hell. In a place like that, what else can you really do with yourself? I looked at stuff, I scoffed at stuff, I loved some stuff a whole lot. There were also a lot of babes, OK~

Also: I bought a bunch of stickers. All right? If I regularly send you letters, hold onto your butts, because you’re gonna start seeing these little buddies on your envelopes:

Which one of you fools is getting that huge orange bear-thing? Or the red-cheeked raccoon? Check your mailbox and find out I guess!!

24 July 2017

tonight my friend and i wordlessly sent each other pictures of lauren bacall and humphrey bogart for two hours

it was cool~

man oh man

just lookit those two gorgeous angels

you gotta respect that kind of thing

they had a thing, you know

you can tell

god knows it’s hard to find

22 July 2017

a good friend of mine (who i won't name) told me tonight that, while suffering from an existential crisis this past winter, she resisted turning to me for help because she was afraid i would "validate [her] delusions"

i know i'm not supposed to think this, but man, that might be the coolest thing anyone has ever said to me

i'm woulda helped ya out any way i could have, buddy

but you're right: i also probably would have accidentally validated your delusions lol <3