08 December 2016





i always liked ikana valley in ‘majora’s mask’

it is the land of the dead, and all the ghosts are sad there

when i got to this part as a kid i remember thinking it was so cool

god, the music!

i love it

06 December 2016


hangin out with my little buddies over here

(tracey: i wanted to add you here, but you can only use five letters to name the four main characters! there is one other part in the game where you get to put in a name, and “tracey” will fit, so that is where you will join my teeny tiny little baby adventure!!! i love you!!)

06 December 2016

tonight while walking home, i heard three drunken idiots screaming at each other across the street. they were trying to figure out how to get food at 3:30 a.m., which is a difficult thing to do in portland since almost everything closes at 9–10 p.m.

one of them suggested driving to troutdale, which is something like 10 miles from here, and i thought, “oh god”

they were gurgling, gargling, yelling out sentences that didn’t make sense, even to each other and even to themselves

and then i heard this, which i’m still trying to figure out, despite the fact that i already know it is godawful in every sense of the word:

“why are you talking like you have a vagina?”

“i’m not talking like i have a vagina. i’m talking like i have a plan.”


the plan was to find “a car” (???) and then “drive over to that 24-hour place in troutdale”

and then off they went in search of a car. they turned a corner and were gone. uh-oh!

06 December 2016

my friend stevie told me there are boutique clothing stores in portland that hire you based on your instagram account

your instagram is your resume

what an absolute nightmare this world is, huh

05 December 2016


kerwin sent me this

he said we met inside his nintendo 3DS today

he’s on the left and i’m on the right

05 December 2016

Solitude is independence. It had been my wish and with the years I had attained it. It was cold. Oh, cold enough! But it was also still, wonderfully still and vast like the cold stillness of space in which the stars revolve.

‘steppenwolf’ should be boring to me since it is essentially this website if it were written by an adult

but i’m actually having a really good hot time with it

he mentions stars a lot

05 December 2016

dude, all those people


it makes me feel sick to think about it

my friend rachel’s roommate went to that warehouse and the only reason they know he’s dead is because he never came home

my friend mccune lost three friends in one night. they still can’t find their bodies

can you imagine

03 December 2016

there was a huge fire at a warehouse party in oakland last night. some of my friends were there. i have spoken to them and they are alive. their friends are missing though. they’re saying 40 people have died so far.

03 December 2016

He is still alive, and somewhere wearily goes up and down the stairs of strange houses, stares somewhere at clean-scoured parquet floors and carefully tended araucarias, sits for days in libraries and nights in taverns, or lying on a hired sofa, listens to the world beneath his window and the hum of human life from which he knows that he is excluded. But he has not killed himself, for a glimmer of belief still tells him that he is to drink this frightful suffering in his heart to the dregs, and that it is of this suffering he must die.