23 September 2016








‘Cries and Whispers’ is (forgive me) a god darn masterpiece. Holy lord in heaven. When it ended I said aloud to no one: “WHOA. God. Yes.”

That’s Liv Ullmann, by the way, who is my girlfriend. Or anyway I’m in love with her. She’s also in ‘Persona’—which also rules.

So far I have watched:

  • Wild Strawberries (1957)
  • The Seventh Seal (1957)
  • The Virgin Spring (1960)
  • Through a Glass Darkly (1961)
  • Winter Light (1963)
  • The Silence (1963)
  • Persona (1966)
  • Cries and Whispers (1972)

. . . and I’m having a good old time, I’ll tell you that!

For some reason I think about ‘Winter Light’ the most. I don’t know why. I think about all of these films every day, but something about that particular one stands out in my mind. It’s so quiet and desperate and claustrophobic. Lord.

I recommend any and all of these. ‘Wild Strawberries’ and ‘The Seventh Seal’ are probably best to start with though~~

Guy just made movies nonstop. He made them his whole life. What a guy. Thanks, man. Rest in peace ☆彡

23 September 2016

Hey: Doss anyone else get super freaked out when they see people eating while wearing headphones? This is insane to me. What a horrifying combination of sounds to have blasting away inside your skull!!

Knock it off!!!!

21 September 2016

“Brand ambassador” is just another way of saying “worthless fraud”

21 September 2016

To the woman in NW Portland who stole my favorite scarf: please, for God’s sake, can you toss it in a trashcan and send me the GPS coordinates? I love that scarf and I want it back! Hell: I’ve trained myself to not get too sentimental about material objects, but if you’ve still got it lying around your apartment or in your car or whatever, why not just tie it to a tree or throw it on the sidewalk and send me a picture of a nearby landmark?

If not: I will purchase a new one at Uniqlo when I’m in the Bay next week. And I won’t be happy about it either just so you know!!

20 September 2016


They tell me I’m going to Los Angeles, California—this time for good. I have no reason not to believe them. I have been going to LA at least two or three times a year for five years and have liked it for its apocalyptic nightmarishness as well as for its nightmarish apocalypseness. It is a strange and dark place and you can drive all over it and find big and weird things wherever you end up.

I have slept inside various cars all over the city of Los Angeles for good and bad reasons, but soon I will sleep inside an apartment on a semi-permanent basis.

I am going to buy black-out curtains and hide from the sun. Maybe I’ll never go outside during the day unless I have to. LA is real cool at night anyway. I’ll have a lot more fun round about midnight, just like I do everywhere, except I’ll have the beach at my disposal again. Nighttime beach is the best beach. I have wandered LA beaches at night and have felt perfectly fine. I plan to do a whole lot of that.

I will visit the Griffith Park observatory as often as possible. l will sleep on the floor, on a Japanese futon, and make as few facial expressions as possible. I will eat delicious food and never answer my phone. I will feel weird all the time. I will stare at the wind-leant palms, and so on.

YeAhAHhhh come visit me!!!

20 September 2016

HEADS UP Y’ALL: Anyone who refers to themselves as a “raconteur” is not welcome in my home!!

Thank you. Good-night.

19 September 2016


Tracey came to visit me and it rained the whole time

(Photo taken by a random woman who was standing on the Burnside Bridge)

17 September 2016

Man. If I could go back right now as-is and live my little Baltimore life again, I would. SURE.