07 June 2018

I was driving to work today in the Datsun, and I was listening to KALX, which is UC Berkeley’s radio station (90.7 if you’re in Oakland / Berkeley). And they were playing this stuff that sounded real familiar to me, and I liked it a whole lot. After the song ended, the DJ said something about it being from PEACH KELLI POP’s new album. My good friend Danielle Lee Sims is friends with the guitarist, and wouldn’t you know it, they really did put out a new album two weeks ago. It’s good stuff. It’s honest as hell. GENTLE LEADER is what they’ve called it, and man, yeah.

ANYWAY: So I texted Danielle and told her this, and she . . . did something I guess, so now I’m on “the list” for their show at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco on June 28th. Whoa! Anyone wanna go with me? I asked world-famous French Canadian multimedia artist Laura Rokas if she wanted to go, but she just rolled her eyes because she hates me. I will for sure go all alone . . . I used to do that all the time when I lived in Austin all those years ago. But then again, I did end up developing something of a drinking problem more or less because of this. And then my girlfriend stopped liking me, I think, because all I was ever doing was getting drunk and going to rock shows. Don’t let me slip back into that world! Come with me!!

I have offered to let the whole band crash at my fortified compound on the Oakland-Berkeley border. Hey, maybe they’ll take me up on it. At any rate I have a long history of helping bands pack and unpack their equipment, so at the very least maybe I’ll get to do that, seeing how it’s the only thing I’m good at anymore outside of parallel parking.

Anyway: Get that album! Help em out!!!!

Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!