blade runner is about a tired miserable guy who barely wants to be alive who is tasked with hunting down and killing human facsimiles created for slavery who desperately want to prolong their limited lifespans just to live in a world that actively hates them

whoa (lol)

A true sleeper hit, this existential thriller from Mike Hodges made Clive Owen an international star. He brings a cool reserve to the role of aspiring writer Jack Manfred, who, struggling to make ends meet, takes a job as a croupier at a posh London casino. Gradually, Jack is drawn deeper into the establishment’s at once glamorous and sordid night world—and into a relationship with a regular gambler (Alex Kingston) who has a plan to take the house for all it’s worth.

James Caan delivers a brilliant performance in this gritty, unsparing portrait of a gambling addict caught in a relentless downward spiral. He stars as Axel Freed, a Harvard-educated New York City English professor who appears to be the picture of success, but whose compulsive gambling has left him in enormous debt to his girlfriend, his mother, and ruthless loan sharks. Now, with the mob determined to make him pay up, Axel embarks on a desperate last-ditch attempt to salvage his life.

Dreams die hard amid the boardwalks and casinos of the faded New Jersey gambling town where Sally (Susan Sarandon), a young waitress and aspiring blackjack dealer, meets Lou (Burt Lancaster), a washed-up former gangster living in the past. Drawn together by a drug deal gone bad, the two find themselves relying on each other in their mutual search for redemption. Featuring one of Lancaster’s greatest performances, this poignant drama from Louis Malle glows with a lovely, bittersweet human tenderness.

It’s got some gross stuff in it. It’s pretentious. It’s one of the most beautifully shot movies I’ve ever seen.