Read some old books. Sometimes an author will mention that most of the people you see walking around are simply clones of one another, that they have no truly unique personalities or traits, and that most of them are stupid or intellectually / spiritually unconscious. It was true then and it is true now. And what is more is that to be the antithesis of this sort of person affords you nothing except poverty, disdain, and alienation. Yeah.

Seat thyself sultanically among the moons of Saturn, and take high abstracted man alone; and he seems a wonder, a grandeur, and a woe. But from the same point, take mankind in mass, and for the most part, they seem a mob of unnecessary duplicates, both contemporary and hereditary.


. . . in the depth of my heart there I suffered, too, gentlemen, I assure you. In the depth of my heart there was no faith in my suffering, only a faint stir of mockery, but yet I did suffer, and in the real, orthodox way; I was jealous, beside myself . . . and it was all from ennui, gentlemen, all from ennui; inertia overcame me. You know the direct, legitimate fruit of consciousness is inertia, that is, conscious sitting-with-the-hands-folded. I have referred to this already. I repeat, I repeat with emphasis: all ‘direct’ persons and men of action are active just because they are stupid and limited.

(notes from underground)