I sort of don’t really ever want to talk about ‘Blade Runner 2049’ for longer than a few sentences on this here website, because I’m terrified of being Just Another Guy Talking About A Movie Everyone’s Talking About On The Internet . . . but I like it a whole lot, even though I got some problems with it. It is very good. It looks and sounds incredible and it absolutely should be nearly three hours long. And other than the original ‘Blade Runner’, I can’t really think of anything that feels like it.

Uh, apparently it is flopping at the box office (which isn’t surprising to me . . . the first one flopped too), so maybe we’ll never see another one. ‘Blade Runner’ was always kind of a weird movie that’s for a particular kind of weird person I guess.

So go see it while you can! Put on some sweatpants and drink a little cough syrup and go alone on a Tuesday night or something. There are certain movies I feel like you have to see in an actual theater, and this is definitely one of them. OK??

I will say this, and I think it’s fine because he’s on the poster and in all the trailers: My main issue is that I wish it had nothing to do with Deckard. I kinda wish Deckard had just vanished, and that this was another dude hanging out in the same world. It is that as well! But, you know. . . .

Anyway! I’m not going to spoil anything! Go see it!!

(Consider this a postscript: I have had a dozen people text me saying, “So what did you think of it?” They never tell me their opinion first! That’s kind of interesting. I guess people just know I dig ‘Blade Runner’ a whole lot (people also text me when they’re reading ‘Moby-Dick’ for the same reason). That’s cool maybe!!! Y’all can still text me, but let this post serve as the most I’m going to say about it until I feel like I can comfortably not spoil anything. I went in knowing nothing! It was great~~!!!!)