I have accidentally dated two painters . . . and I was thinking last night how much I miss sitting in a studio at three in the morning helping out with a painting. When I first moved to Austin, ten years ago exactly, I would meet Chantal every night at her studio on the UT campus, and I’d sit there and we’d talk and I would clean and sometimes pose, and things like that. I remember that fall she was in a litho class, and I would sponge the stone for her while she etched. There were always other artists around at night and I got to know all of them. We would all be in the studio until very late at night. Some time later, when there were gallery openings on campus, I would go and see the finished work of the artists I had befriended. They were good people and I liked knowing them. I don’t know . . . it felt like being a part of something back then, and I miss that feeling. You know?