09 May 2014

God, women

Talk about getting the short end of the stick for the entire fucking duration of human existence

08 May 2014

“If I had known it was harmless
I would have killed it myself.”

06 May 2014

Santa Monica, 11:35 a.m. . . . Jack and I have awoken on the couch of our friend Alex, the second time this year. His girlfriend made us coffee. I drank it out of a “Lucky Brand” mug and, when I was finished, exclaimed, “Now that’s some god darn good coffee you got here.” She said, “It was the kind that was on sale.” I said, “The kind that’s on sale is the best kind.”

I checked my bank account and saw that a few hundred dollars were deposited overnight . . . must be payday. Immediately I used these pathetic funds to chip away at the massive amount of debt I’m in. Lord, I guess I’m going to be doing this exact ritual for some time. And when I’m not I’ll still be poor, but a little less poor, and that certainly couldn’t hurt.

Today we venture back to North Hollywood, and then tonight I plan to see my friend Amy in Silver Lake. Maybe it will be a mistake, going there. But maybe it will be real nice. Who the hell knows anymore~

03 May 2014

I am happiest (or just plain happy at all) when I am lying on my mattress under the glow of many purple Christmas lights and Dante jumps down from the window and walks over to me and curls into a ball on my chest and we breathe at the same time while not thinking about a god damn thing

01 May 2014

I’m so tired I feel like I might die and I can hear a train whistle somewhere far away but who the hell knows if it’s real or not

01 May 2014

Time weighs heavily on us now . . . we have nothing but the old songs to keep us company

30 April 2014

Ryan lives in Oakland!!! We don’t talk to him much anymore!!!! I guess that dude fuckin died or something!!!!!!

30 April 2014



30 April 2014

So when is someone in charge finally going to climb to the top of a fucking mountain or whatever and announce that civilization has failed