21 May 2014

Tonight someone asked me what my greatest motivations in life were and I said “boredom and loneliness”

20 May 2014

“some people died somewhere, though he didn’t know who or where and never would; and like every night he jerked off and went to sleep”

20 May 2014

just when you think the world’s a joke

the joke’s on you

16 May 2014

be free, humans

for god’s sake wake up and be free

(et cetera)

15 May 2014

Photo on 5-15-14 at 2.44

I took this for my friend Amy to show WHAT GOES ON IN THE DARK but hell here it is

12 May 2014


Today my little sister succeeded in making me feel cool for about fifteen seconds at Muir Beach by taking a candid picture of me looking down at that terrifying 100-foot drop to the Pacific Ocean and thinking about death or some shit

11 May 2014

Can’t take this life straight! Can’t be awake without stimulants!!! Can’t dream without sleep-inducing supplements!!!!

10 May 2014

I should be asleep, or working on one of the dozens of writing projects I can’t seem to god damn finish

But instead I’m going to drive to Temescal and pick up a lady I’ve never met before and smoke cigarettes with her for an hour while we both laugh like hell at this dumb madness