01 September 2013

I loved a girl, once

That was pretty nice

I guess I still love her

Probably will forever

Oh, well

01 September 2013

Night after night I lie in bed and go through my phone and somehow I can’t find a damn person who I could talk to in any meaningful way.

14 August 2013

Coming soon:

She had asked me, I remembered, in October of that terrible year, where we should go together to live happily ever after. It had never occurred to me that we would move onward as a single unit—as two humans with a shared destiny. I barely understood then (and understand even less now, maybe) how that sort of thing worked. You spend all this time with a person, then they really get their hooks in you, and you look around and God damn it, you’ve got your hooks in her, too, and suddenly you’re moving places together because to go alone would be too painful.

14 August 2013

So, what’s going on with this sex thing? What’s that all about? I mean, really. I think about this all the damn time.

God, sex is weird.

27 July 2013

I drove five hours south
And met you by the sea
I was angry but
You were nice to me anyway
I really fucked up

11 July 2013

Photo on 7-11-13 at 4.51 AM #4
And so
With nothing better to do
They moved to California

12 June 2013

I want to twist your insides, God damn it. I want to hook you by the nerve endings and bring you up here.

09 June 2013

“Put the damn snuffbox away,” Arctor said. He felt, in his head, loud voices singing: terrible music, as if the reality around him had gone sour. Everything now—the fast-moving cars, the two men, his own car with its hood up, the smell of smog, the bright, hot light of midday—it all had a rancid quality, as if, throughout, his world had putrefied, rather than anything else. Not so much become all at once, because of this, dangerous, not frightening, but more as if rotting away, stinking in sight and sound and odor. It made him sick, and he shut his eyes and shuddered.

I’m having me a good old time with this book.