A long time ago now: “There is no right thing to say. There are only words. I hope these words are okay.”


here’s a self-portrait for all you god damn sons of bitches out there

She had said, “I want to rest my head on your chest and listen to your voice vibrate inside your body”

“trapped between two dumb worlds, belonging nowhere”

People don’t like it when I say this, but death really is the only truth

And if you think about it for 30 seconds it’s actually not depressing at all

(In fact it’s liberating)

I said good-bye forever to someone today and now I want something to kill me as soon as possible

“the long, dark dream of birth, death, and rebirth”

i think about this so often

it is on loop in my brain

I realize this is childish but at least once a day I spend a good five minutes silently hating rich people