08 September 2013

“You are not even a thing,” she said, “but less than a thing. You are the negative outline cast off from some other thing; not a shadow but a small sliver of another.”

07 September 2013

I have seen the gruesome parts of this place and I have wandered in and stayed anyway

07 September 2013

He was in love with his destiny, and even his march toward ruin seemed noble and beautiful to him.

01 September 2013

I loved a girl, once

That was pretty nice

I guess I still love her

Probably will forever

Oh, well

01 September 2013

Night after night I lie in bed and go through my phone and somehow I can’t find a damn person who I could talk to in any meaningful way.

14 August 2013

Coming soon:

She had asked me, I remembered, in October of that terrible year, where we should go together to live happily ever after. It had never occurred to me that we would move onward as a single unit—as two humans with a shared destiny. I barely understood then (and understand even less now, maybe) how that sort of thing worked. You spend all this time with a person, then they really get their hooks in you, and you look around and God damn it, you’ve got your hooks in her, too, and suddenly you’re moving places together because to go alone would be too painful.