30 August 2014

today i accidentally wore maroon pants, lavender socks, and a purple t-shirt at the same time

also i drove this drunk-ass woman home while i was working in san francisco and she tried to make out with me and then tried to give me a piece of pizza

22 August 2014

a russian artist in LA asked what i was doing last night

and this was my response: “i’m sitting here in my underwear listening to some ambient shit and waiting for this chewable mint-flavored melatonin to kick in and send me to nightmareland”

20 August 2014

I have only three more days left of work and then I’m going to be poor and free forever

16 August 2014


I made this a year ago to show everyone what my living room in California would look like

14 August 2014

holy lord i’m just going to keep saying this for the rest of my life: sex is the dumbest fucking thing in the world

14 August 2014

Man today I was outside chopping wood under that god dang California sun and I said to my friends, who were standing nearby, “Heck yeah”

Having a good time!!!

Having me a good-ass good old time!!!!