Weird Junk

I’m going to use this page to house everything that has no place else to go. It’s gotta go somewhere, after all.

Oh! And! Here’s the SKINCARE ROUTINE my friend Laura and I developed over many years.


I have written and self-published three novellas. I’m working on a fourth one, and a full-blown novel as well. Mostly I have been working on my Gritt Calhoon tales, which are, to put it charitably, insane psycho trash.

Gritt Calhoon is a character I created ten years ago now. He’s a seven-foot-tall super soldier with dozens of severe mental disorders and a haunted past who aimlessly wanders the galaxy in search of tail, imbibing whatever substances he can get his hands on to kill the pain of mere existence, and always ending up embroiled in some sort of violent conflict requiring his fearlessness and military expertise.

The third chapter in the trilogy, GRITT CALHOON AND THE PSYCHOS IN THE SINKHOLE, will be finished soon. Please anticipate it.

In the meantime, here are the rest:

Gritt Calhoon and the Midnight Assault

Gritt Calhoon and the Bloodbath Beneath Mount Terror

And here’s a novella-length piece commissioned by Cara Ellison about an expo in Los Angeles I never got into:

Electric Heart, Neon Nightmare: The Strange, Sad Dream of Los Angeles

More to come!!


Some commercials I wrote and starred in for an annual music festival in Oakland called PIPEFEST (RIP). I must warn you that they’re supremely bizarre in a way that may test the taste and decency of all who bear witness: