During the first Pandemic Summer, I started a little store to sell dumb shirts I had been designing out of boredom. Mostly I just bought them for myself . . . though to my surprise, some of y’all actually bought them too! However: now I’m going to close the store because I reckon I’m just not interested in running it anymore, and also it costs me money to keep it open. So if you want a shirt, get one now! When you go to check out, use the discount code FAREWELL to knock $3 off. I make pennies off these shirts. It was just a Fun Thing To Do is all.

Hmmmmmm . . . I think I’ll probably use the logo and domain for something else next. I just gotta figure out what that something will be.


OK so apparently there is more than one albino raccoon, as I happened to witness two of them near the Fairyland sign the other night on my way home from a sullen walk. I reckon it was too good to be true that there was a single omnipresent albino raccoon. Still! It is comforting to know they’re out there, and that they can reproduce and perpetuate their rare genetic trait.

A guy in front of me paused to watch them too. He turned to me and said, “Damn!” and I said, “Brother, we just witnessed a beautiful thing.”

said i to dante just now: “is a man not entitled to his reveries??” oh, the reveries of ryan!! i have written about many of them. there is one in particular that i go to every day of my life which i have not spoken to a single person. perhaps i will put down here sometime . . . though maybe i’m afraid to is all, because then what? maybe it vanishes as soon as i pluck it from the dreamy places in my head. i feel as though i need it or else i’ll have nowhere else to go. it is a harmless vision if not a little sad and childish, but then what else is new.

emma and i went on a long walk last saturday, and i took this picture in pill hill on my way back down to lake merritt