just remembered this and found it again

still love marina

(my stalker back in texas showed me marina before she became my stalker lol)

this apartment is a block from my house and every time i look up and see it at night i think “damn…………..,…”

sometimes when i send my friends letters i include a creepy polaroid of myself glaring menacingly from within a void. these pictures are rare collector’s items……..,..

This is such a sick burn that only a 1950s weasel scumbag with a thick New York accent could pull off . . . I would be utterly pulverized if someone laid this on me.

Also: SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS (1957) is an excellent film. The script is punchy and clean. Listen: It’s a good time at the movies! And best of all it’s on the Criterion Collection, which about half of you have my login for, and I can tell because my queue is a total mess. (There are like 500 quarter-finished movies in there! For god’s sake, will you people please get to the credits???)

Anyway . . .