08 April 2020

Tonight I came to the conclusion that falafel is The Perfect Food. I won’t explain it right now. You are free to crown some other food king, but if nothing else, the purity of falafel is, much like Death itself, an inescapable truth to me.

What would the runner up be? Probably egg noodles.

Thanks for reading!!

07 April 2020

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I miss going literally anywhere

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Hali Palombo rules. She’s one of the best people I ever met. I miss her a lot.

Also! She just put out a new album. It’s in the mail, and headed my way . . . I should have it in the next few days. I will listen to it ten times and then do a little write-up.

In the meantime you can listen to it here:

07 April 2020

dang dude

it is like ice-cold and beautiful out here tonight

07 April 2020

sometimes when i’m out walking at night, i’ll pass by some nice flowers and little trees and herbs, and so on, and i’ll lean down to smell them, and sometimes it all smells so good that i want to cry lol

05 April 2020

you smile back at me, but it’s so empty. . . .
i know you don’t know you are empty inside”

03 April 2020

Wow! Wata from BORIS, who is my girlfriend, and also the guitarist from one of my favorite bands, drew herself in ANIMAL CROSSING and also recreated the album art to AMPLIFIER WORSHIP, which is a Very Good album. I love Wata. She’s perfect. I wish she’d post her Switch code so we could be buddies, and so I could drop off a dump truck’s worth of cherries to BORIS ISLAND~