15 August 2019

i sure do!

also: i’m having a quote-unquote secret meeting at piedmont springs next week. it is about the future of the thing i am building far from here. i can’t think of a better and/or more ryan-centric place to conduct such a meeting. i’ll bring two bottles of wine and a gallon of cold water. so . . . seeya there!!

15 August 2019

“time heals all . . . but what if time itself is the disease?”

14 August 2019

Tonight, in honor of my spirit-brother Wim Wenders’ 74th birthday, I will be screening WINGS OF DESIRE aka DER HIMMEL ÜBER BERLIN for myself in my beautiful living room!! It takes place in Berlin, which . . . yeah baby.

Also: Had you forgotten? Tomorrow night is DUDES DONE WRONG. I never tell anyone what the film will be, but I gotta say: it’s a hot one. I got to work on that spreadsheet, by the way, to keep track of the stuff we’ve been watching. OK, I will do that.

Anyway happy birthday you son of a bitch!!!!!

13 August 2019

OK so you know how facial recognition has reached a new and terrifying level of accuracy? And how your phone and photo apps and all that other horseshit will ask you to “confirm” your face based on having creepily scanned your entire photo album to better learn your face to uh . . . ostensibly get better at tagging you? Well, I did that just now on my computer. Each time a photo of my face popped up, the unfeeling machine asked me a question I have in dreams sometimes asked myself:

To which I said (aloud (to no one)): What are you, the cops??

I confirmed 30 or so pictures of my own screamingly stupid face, and the invisible algorithms used this data to quickly tag something like 800 more pictures. It was frighteningly accurate! It detected my face in drawings people had made of me, and even my face when I was a freakin six-month-old baby. Whoa. What I also learned is that my computer thinks I’m Edward Scissorhands, Elvis, Donnie Darko and John Travolta (lol)~~


Am I all these people layered on top of one another? Do I live in the middle of that Venn diagram? I don’t know. Maybe I am a little bit of all of them. I mean, I guess you could argue that to some extent it’s true, though hey, what do I know. . . .

13 August 2019

Sometimes I’ll look at pictures FROM OVER THE YEARS, and I’ll notice how many bad haircuts I’ve had. And I’ll think, good lord, was someone paying y’all to hang out with me when I was looking like that? Or what kind of blackmail did they have on you? Did they threaten your family or something? I mean, thanks a lot . . . but dang y’all~

13 August 2019


Does anyone wanna be my roommate? I live in a fortified compound on the Oakland-Berkeley border with my cat Dante, and I have a backyard and a gigantic TV and nice soap and stuff like that. And, being a fortified compound, I live behind a BLACK GATE that is huge and beautiful. What else. . . . I have an endless supply of tea and coffee and incense, and it’s not the cheap stuff either. Listen: I get the good stuff. I also have a ton of books and movies, and about twenty pounds of jasmine rice, for whatever that’s worth. . . .

(PLEASE NOTE: I’m never living with a dude again . . . at least not a straight one! So uh, take that into consideration, and all that. Which is to say: please don’t be a fucking dude!!!)

Yeah?? I’m serious as a god darn heart attack.


. . . and be quick! Because I’m already drafting a novel-length Craigslist ad, and it’s gonna be a hot one. Listen: I’ve done this a few times in my life, and they’re always Hot Ones. The kids go for that, near as I can tell!!!


13 August 2019

a little starangel in the glow of a starbeam in los angeles

11 August 2019

“being her shadow” on repeat in the dark

(thnx alayna ☆)

09 August 2019

i’m with my father by the sea far north of the san francisco bay area, and we’re having ourselves a real good time out here

this one is called: “old man and boy; or, THE RICE FARMER AND THE PACIFIC VAMPIRE”