24 July 2020

god, when i think about ‘nights of cabiria’ i really do feel chills. i would recommend it to anyone. i don’t know what it is exactly but it just really affected me. i wish i could make something even a hundredth good as cabiria

24 July 2020

you know what’s a comforting feeling? having a cold and playing a videogame at night while ripped on nyquil. maaaaan. that’s such a good time. i played through dragon quest XI when i had strep throat and it was amazing

24 July 2020

If I were a ghost, I would just check out people’s houses at night. In Berkeley and Oakland I see so many cool houses and I always wish I could see inside them.

Or imagine just like walking through an aquarium or the Louvre or the Kremlin at night with no one else around. That would rule~

23 July 2020

can we please abolish racism and wealth disparity

like for real, what is the fucking holdup here?

19 July 2020

shaina and i got stranded in the great salt lake desert and had to sleep in the car

it was a very long day in utah lol

we’re in wyoming now!

there are so many stars in the sky that i want to cry

i’ll write more soon


16 July 2020

dude i would give anything to sleep next to a human in a bed again lol

hark! o curséd quarantine!! damn thee!!!