the other day i asked my INSTAGRAM FRIENDS to write about memories of us together. i got a lot of sweet responses! i am very lucky to have so many nice friends who care about me

anyway here’s what they wrote:


apparently i am housing both BEX (the person and the band) and (maybe) CHALKTALK when they play a show at stay gold in oakland a few weeks from now

in return i have asked only to be put on the guest list and my request has been approved


My good friend Kerwin and I are playing CHRONO CROSS in tandem. I have not played it in a long time, and Kerwin has never played it at all.

The game is beautiful and the music is incredible and the script is full of meditations on fate and memory and death. It rules a lot. Also keep in mind this game is intended to be played by teenagers:

Anyway I’ll keep taking pictures of my TV whenever I see something cool . . . and you’ll be first to know~

My good friend Emma moved from West Oakland to the Oakland-Berkeley border the other day. I rented a moving van and she and her friend Daphne and I loaded everything up and got everything into to her new place in under an hour. Now she lives in a real good neighborhood a few blocks from where I used to work, right off Shattuck. I’m very happy for her!

Anyway: after we were done, we cracked up a bottle of champagne and hung out in her cute little studio. We took pictures! That’s me holding Daphne, and then me holding Emma . . . while wearing a white T-shirt, which is essentially a Bigfoot sighting for THOSE who KNOW ME.


Aw! I love us~

Good-night! ☆彡

i had a really bad day. and then i was walking home from emma’s tonight and i saw two albino raccoons, one after the other. i always think of them as good omens. well, here’s hoping

happy birthday to my best friend laura rokas 🥺