The sea had jeeringly kept his finite body up, but drowned the infinite of his soul. Not drowned entirely, though. Rather carried down alive to wondrous depths, where strange shapes of the unwarped primal world glided to and fro before his passive eyes; and the miser-merman, Wisdom, revealed his hoarded heaps; and among the joyous, heartless, ever-juvenile eternities, Pip saw the multitudinous, God-omnipresent, coral insects, that out of the firmament of waters heaved the colossal orbs. He saw God’s foot upon the treadle of the loom, and spoke it; and therefore his shipmates called him mad. So man’s insanity is heaven’s sense; and wandering from all mortal reason, man comes at last to that celestial thought, which, to reason, is absurd and frantic; and weal or woe, feels then uncompromised, indifferent as his God.


moby-dick of course

18 november 2021 A.D., the night of the lunar eclipse

tangentially related, as i have posted pictures of a Moon Man watering plants: laura gave me a plant as a housewarming gift, and over the last two weeks it has doubled in size and has grown these long stalks. today, the day of the lunar eclipse, the stalks began sprouting these cute little white flowers?? they did not exist last night. i wonder if my plant is happy because i’m always playing nice music and it’s warm in here what with the radiators being on. hmm!

dante likes to stand in the beam of light next to the front door. i don’t know why. he seems fascinated by it, or else he just likes to look at his own shadow. the other night he stood there for half an hour!

friday night at eli’s with emma and daphne

and judy took these pictures