01 April 2020

It’s like the fella said: The best way to get rich is to fall out of another rich person!!!

01 April 2020

If I see one more news headline about how the rich / ruling class are faring during quarantine, I’m gonna lose my mind. It’s all about how rich people are either holed up in a luxury fortress and doing just fine, or how they’re continuing to travel the world in private jets like it’s any old day, or are able to get tested for coronavirus, when normal people can’t, just because they’re in movies or play professional basketball. This one dude’s tweets were making the rounds because he’s writing from his quarantined yacht. Lord. Scumbags!!

AGAIN: Where is the money to save us? They won’t do it. The thing isn’t designed to save us. They always come out ahead, no matter what, so I’ll be interested to see how they market superhero movies and energy drinks to a mountain of corpses when this is all over with.

31 March 2020

Wow! I was taking a bath a few minutes ago, and at the end I drained the tub until just my nose and mouth were poking out as I lay flat on my back. And I had me a real Sylvia Plath moment listening to my own heartbeat while almost fully submerged in beautifully hot water. This thing sounded like a god darn helicopter landing in slow motion. It ruled.

And now I am out and I did my skincare routine. . . .

  • witch hazel toner
  • (moved vitamin C serum to mornin)
  • retinol
  • moisturizer

. . . and now I’m all baby-soft and glow-y. Yeah!

OK time to sleep~ ☆彡

31 March 2020

it’s true and don’t forget it!!!

also happy birthday judy lol

29 March 2020

ok just to get this on record

THE IDIOT is my favorite iggy pop album


STATION TO STATION is my favorite bowie album

yeah duuudddeee

29 March 2020

the dark wooden cabin at the corner of russell and hillgrass in berkeley is my bay area dream house. if i had a place like that i’d give laura and monty rooms and wear a black kimono and write insane trash for the rest of my life. ugh!!