i can’t believe this is what the world is now. i wake up every day and despair

The reason I have not been writing as much is because I have not had a desk nor a desk chair. As of yesterday, I finally have both. So get ready because now The Posting Resumes.

I have made a PLEDGE to MYSELF that I will update my website at least once a day now. It’s just that with the pandemic and all, I have not created as many memories, and also I’ve kinda been tired of my own thoughts. But maybe I’m getting over the latter. Or anyway I have something to say again (I think).

Thanks for reading! ☆彡

I used to watch Norm on Weekend Update every Saturday night as a kid. I’ve seen pretty much everything he’s ever made or been in since. Norm was a comedic genius who had no equal . . . truly one of God’s own prototypes. He was and still is a huge inspiration to me. I’ve been genuinely upset the last few days knowing that he’s gone now. Rest in peace brother.

a lot of the things i liked about my life and which made my life worth living are gone now. i’m not really sure what a person is supposed to do when that happens. i keep getting that strange facsimile / photocopy feeling whenever i do things i’ve always done . . . like i’m just performing an empty ritual out of habit alone. it sure doesn’t make you feel good to realize that about yourself

i have to say, it is pretty incredible that the 1% have not only made poor people hate themselves, but they’ve also made poor people hate other poor people. talk about a supreme victory for whatever utterly psychotic and horrifying endgame they’re working on behind the scenes while the rest of us peasants eat each other. bravo i guess!

listen: if you think you’re anything other than cannon fodder to the people in charge, it is a failure of your imagination. we are fish food. what a misery.