16 June 2020

i think this is one of the best songs ever written lol

15 June 2020

lol SHAMPOO is great. it leaves the criterion channel at the end of the month so get on it!!

15 June 2020

i feel like all great art has some sort of texture to it . . . like there’s something to chew on. if it doesn’t lick at your brain in some way, or if there is no place for your mind to wander inside of it, then it feels inert / dead. and that necessary element that makes it feel rich doesn’t have to be complex. it can be quiet and small as well. those works are equally as important

the thing which is exhibited just has to arouse a curiosity is all! like a door that is open and invites you in. all noble things are touched with this

or anyway that’s just my opinion lol

14 June 2020

la pointe courte, which mccune had recommended to me. it was very good. agnès varda was a genius

13 June 2020

in older movies, it often just feels like a camera is in a real place. there are little things like old sailors smoking in the background or a cat rolling around on the sidewalk that make it feel alive and like real people live there. i guess that’s why i tend to like them better. it’s like looking through a lens of history in addition to being a compelling story in an of itself

(taking a massive bong rip) they’re little portals through which we can experience the past from here in the present 🚬👌

. . . baby it’s a form of time travel

11 June 2020

ok for real though is there anything more satisfying than finding a cave behind a waterfall in a videogame

and like honestly if you’re not going to put a cave behind a waterfall, why even bother

god . . . imagine finding one in real life. i’d lose my mind