sometimes i’ll see a house and i just can’t believe how beautiful it is lol

wow! i finally got my criterion channel charter subscriber card. what a dork. i guess that means i was one of the first people to support the criterion channel. cool! this thing weighs like a pound. it’s a thick sheet of metal. it rules.

anyway: the criterion channel is great. i watch something on it every single night. and i gotta say . . . i’m lovin it. i have a weird membership card to prove it!

sometimes i stop and remember that a quarter of the population of this country is part of an insane and racist death cult that is holding everyone hostage as they burn down the entire world lol

Yeah, I sure do look forward to a time when people can congregate again, because I’ve written a script for a pilot of something, which is feature-length . . . and I want to film it! For now I’m working on credit animations and things like that. I think I have ditched Instagram altogether when it comes to little videos, of which I made hundreds. I want to put myself somewhere quieter, like Vimeo. Being on Instagram makes me severely depressed and I don’t know why I would intentionally invite that feeling into my life anymore.

Anyway. Maybe I can shoot some of it myself in the interim, though I can tell you it’s a whole lot of work, most of it just setting everything up. I have ordered some wigs, at any rate, so we’ll see.