I was supposed to have been in Europe from August 3rd until the 17th . . . I had tickets to Lisbon and Madrid and Amsterdam and Berlin, and then I was going to go down to Italy, to Milan, and catch a ride with my good friend Katrijn and her daughters, who were traveling all the way from Brussels to the countryside south of Tuscany. She had booked a few nights at this beautiful house there, that had a gate and a pool and everything. Look at this god damn place:

Man! It would have been so cool!

But it’s Totally OK, because something better is about to happen . . . something better by orders of magnitude! I’ll tell you soon!! Yeah!!!

NASA recently took these composite photos of jupiter with their james webb telescope

jupiter is my favorite planet

yeah these look insanely cool lol

daphne and emma (and me) at the avenue in oakland last night

love my friends~

sorry bex! for posting this!

but i am the king of self-congratulations and also this is cute!!

i called every florist in london to get this delivered ok!!!

don’t forget who loves you baby!!!!

last night with emma and daphne and stevie

(i’ve known stevie for almost seven years . . . that’s crazy~)