27 March 2020

My good friend Alayna made this for me for my birthday. I was still in Germany at the time, and so she sent me a picture of it, but she gave it to me in person when I saw her a few weeks ago:

Man!! Thanks Alayna :,-)

25 March 2020

I know all the best streets in North Oakland and Berkeley to find the friendly outdoor cats who live there. When I go on walks I purposely walk down those streets to visit my little dudes. That is something I dreaded not having anymore when I left Oakland in December. I gotta have my street cat friends!

Anyway I’ve been visiting them again. They’re still here. And because everyone is hiding inside during the quarantine, especially that late, it’s just us out there. I hold em and let them climb on my back. It rules.

25 March 2020

When I visited The Pink-Haired Girl in Portland last July, we would drive around every night and stay out real late. She had some good playlists she’d made. I remember one night driving back across the Washington border, she put this on. I’ve always loved this song. Sailor and Lula are listening to it while driving through the desert at night in Wild at Heart.

Man, that was a good summer . . . maybe the best one I’ve had in ten years, and that girl is cool as hell. See you in LA. Yeah.

24 March 2020

sometimes i’ll just be sitting there and i’ll think “man, bill paxton’s FRAILTY is so good” lol

RIP bill :,(

22 March 2020

He felt, in his head, loud voices singing: terrible music, as if the reality around him had gone sour. Everything now—the fast-moving cars, the two men, his own car with its hood up, the smell of smog, the bright, hot light of midday—it all had a rancid quality, as if, throughout, his world had putrefied, rather than anything else. Not so much become all at once, because of this, dangerous, not frightening, but more as if rotting away, stinking in sight and sound and odor. It made him sick, and he shut his eyes and shuddered.

21 March 2020

this is me hangin out on acheron island today

add me! here: SW-7500-6665-5416


20 March 2020

katie and me in queens a few weeks ago

not pictured: spano, monty, and shaina

well wait actually they can be the little naked people on that bottle of crappy wine that shaina’s boss gave her