i keep having dreams about The Russian Girl From LA and it’s making me really sad! i made the mistake of rereading all our old emails last week . . . i hadn’t looked at them in a long time. i can’t believe i lost touch with this extremely interesting person who was my friend. and now i’m just dreaming about this girl, The Russian Girl From LA.

well: i started writing a thing about her. i don’t know why i never wrote it down anywhere before. i’ll post it here in a few days, because of course i will!

now that there is an emma tetris (very rare)

. . . AND in the order in which i met them. wow!

” . . . sometimes i talk about you to my best friend jacky, who i was hanging out with in oakland when i wasn’t hanging out with you – he kind of knows a lot, almost as much as i do. when i visit your blog, he recognizes the markup even if it’s in his peripheral view and asks me what i’m looking for. sometimes i’m looking for something to get angry at, sometimes i look for something to pity, and sometimes i just miss you. sometimes i relate, in some ways i still relate. there is an overwhelming loneliness and paranoia i relate to partially. for me, it’s really exaggerated, cartoonish. i think that’s why i told you you’re a cartoon once . . .”

from an old email a cool girl sent me a long time ago now

these are in chronological order and i took them all tonight. that’s a big-ass waxing gibbous and tomorrow night is a full moon. do you hear that, alayna?

the bright ball of light to the right and sometimes above the moon is saturn. if you turn left a ways, you can see jupiter too:

neptune is a little to the right of jupiter but of course you can’t see it. oh well! you can’t really complain, and anyway i’m always happy to see jupiter

I went to a party at my friend Caroline’s house the other night. She’s the Goth Barista I befriended last year when I was trapped here in self-exile in Virginia. It was cool! Everyone was real nice. At one point we played this drinking game, and I can’t remember why, but it entailed us having to hug each other. And everyone said I have an “earthy” smell?? That sounds bad to me, but they said it was more like a forest / incense smell, which is OK. My friend who stayed with me in Oakland last month, she said something similar.

I don’t know I just think that’s interesting!!!

Anyway . . . I hope I see these people again before I leave. Yeah!