10 January 2019

i got a HOT TODDY with rachel k. at telegraph beer garden, and then alayna and i walked around all night drinking BAD WINE at san pablo park

and i gotta say . . . i love oakland

09 January 2019

i told quinn the other day, i said: “i shoulda just dated you when i first moved back to oakland. i’m stupid and i never said anything. so that’s the thing: i’m stupid and you’re cool”

and she said: “yeah you should’ve said something and guess what! i’m even cooler now dummy!!”

and i said: “ugh!!!! quinn!!!!”

now she lives in sacramento and she done got herself an angel-faced boy!!!!


09 January 2019

well, what color are his eyes?

i don’t know, he’s always wearing shades

is he tall?

well, i’ve got to look up

yeah? well i hear he’s bad

mm, he’s good-bad, but he’s not evil

09 January 2019

i love sailor and lula


i think i identify with it more than any other movie i’ve ever seen (lol)

and i am sailor (lol)


09 January 2019

somehow forgot how much this album rules

nora put this on when she and leila and i were tripping midday on acid one summer a long time ago in new orleans

thanks nora

08 January 2019

a few months ago i weathered a dark passage!! maybe one of the darkest yet. woof.

and it was during that time that i wrote an entry i will not link to, on account of the especially clumsy and embarrassing wording i deployed, where i said i couldn’t be a good friend at that juncture because i had to repair myself to be anything at all

well: the period of hibernation has ended, and to you i say, you know . . . lay it on me again, baby. let’s have it. i got my lobster bib on i’m ready for that all-you-can-eat buffet of friendship. i wanna help you. if you got something you need, just let me know. did you know people always call me for a ride to the airport, or to help them move? yeah. it’s because i’m a twerp and i like doing stuff like that, and everyone knows it. though yeah: let’s freakin shred it to pieces like a teddy bear in a rottweiler factory . . . bend it till it breaks off, that sort of thing. h’okay?

bye for now!!