The MacGilbert sisters invited me over for dinner tonight, and I finally got to meet Bernie, who is Molly and Daisy’s new little brother. I also met their cute British parents! They made me black tea and Indian food and we all got a li’l wine drunk and lamented the fact that 40% of this country is hungry for a totalitarian dictatorship. Oops!

Well: Love y’all. Thanks for the samosas~

i fuckin hate the eagles, but ‘desperado’ came on the radio today, and i had not heard it in a long time, so i let it play. anyway i was listening to the lyrics and i was like “damn this song is just me” lol

wow! i piss all over portland any chance i get, though i’ll tell you what: it is a beautiful place in the fall.

first night i got here, i really did sleep in a car next to the cemetery in my old neighborhood. (at this point, this news will surprise exactly no one.) the first picture is the one i took when i woke up and emerged from the trunk like the dumb creep i am.

i’m so tired. i’m up on a cliffside in washington and can see the oregon border from outside the window. there is mist in the hills and so many multicolored trees. it rules. tomorrow i will cross over and into it again. they say there is a 100% chance of rain, and hey why not.

(anatalia: there were some dudes playing beatles songs in laurelhurst across the street from your house. they were pretty cool. there were only like 20 people standing around which made it even cooler. they had a gas-powered generator and lit themselves using an overhead projector. i love accidentally finding stuff like this. it feels like learning a harmless secret. if you’re paying attention, you can find little things like this all over. it is something i will always be happy to find.)

ok good-night ☆彡

Pallas has been giving me delicious beverages all day! I’ve had ginger orange juice, a blueberry banana sea moss cilantro smoothie, and black coffee in a James Dean mug. Listen: I love beverages, so I’m all about it.

Also, I looked at a collection of horrific accidents while eating breakfast:


OK I’m going to the Gorge now!!