I am on that supersonic upswing where my thoughts come to me very quickly and I make jokes and have a lot of energy and it is sometimes fun but I know what comes next and it is not fun

There is a place I used to be able to get to and sometimes live inside that existed between manic high and total despair but it is gone now I think

Yo sup here’s my opinion on the word “delightful”:

fuck that word

Nighttime me is all right

Daytime me is a hopeless sulky jerk

I’m not saying I would never trust someone with a tattoo of an ampersand or a bass clef . . . or a neck / face tattoo, but hell, I reckon they would have to work twice as hard

One of the best ways to judge someone’s character is to watch how they interact with servers and baristas I think

And animals and, I guess, children


I just walked into my bedroom and found my cat lying on my bed fully awake listening to Lee Moses’ cover of “Hey Joe.”

In other news: Earlier I did a bunch of pull-ups and then took my laundry out of the dryer (all black (lol)) and folded it while watching a Charlie Rose interview with Larry David. At some point I stopped and thought, “Whoa! This is nice.”

Lord, I’ve done everything I need to do today I think. . . . I’m going to work on a thing I’ve been writing, and when I get tired of that I’m going to crack open a bottle of awful wine and drink the damn thing until it’s time to walk four blocks south to the weird little bar in my neighborhood where nice and cool people will be waiting for me.