when ‘congratulations’ came out i remember everyone hating it because it wasn’t like Their First Album

man i was obsessed with it

i was living alone next to a graveyard in baltimore and i listened to it all the time

now, seven loveless years later, i’ve listened to it twice a day for the last two weeks so i guess i’m still obsessed with it

(also, dang baby, that’s some cover art if i ever seen it)

this is true: my cartoonish disdain for rich people is so bad that when i walk by fancy restaurants and bars and shit like that i really do sneer at everyone from the other side of the glass (lol)

‘psychomania’ (1973)

which has real good soundtrack art:

and my favorite movie intro:

(it’s not a great movie but at least it looks cool!!!)

after mccune and i watched ‘only god forgives’, i remember him saying that watching that movie is like going to a museum

i feel the same way about ‘the master’, which i reckon anyone who regularly comes to my house would tell you i put on like once a week

i just like hanging out with that movie, man

it’s one of my favorite ones

and not just because there’s a scene where my hero philip seymour hoffman dances around with a bunch of (hallucinated) naked women!!!

(you wanna watch it with me?? come on over baby)

LET’S FACE IT: most of the time, the world just don’t want what you got to offer