” i   f e e l   n o   d i s c o m f o r t “

. . . I have stolen more quotes and thoughts and purely elegant little starbursts of writing from the ‘Book of Revelation’ than from anything else in the English Language—and it is not because I am a biblical scholar, or because of any religious faith, but because I love the wild power of the language and the purity of the madness that governs it and makes it music.

My friend Tombo has a website now. He told me it was “definitely inspired” by this very website. Whoa!

Here it is:


That guy rules. Yeah. I like that guy a lot.

laura and dante and me taken by my friend back in march


i’m gonna go there and die one day


. . . He read the label on my bottle and asked whether I would not drink some wine. When I declined his offer and said that I never drank it, the old helpless expression came over his face.

“You’re quite right there,” he said. “I have practised abstinence myself for years, and had my time of fasting, too, but now I find myself once more beneath the sign of Aquarius, a dark and humid constellation.”

On one other occasion I saw him in this lady’s company. It was in one of the streets of the town. They were arm in arm and he looked very happy; and again I wondered to see how much charm—what an even childlike expression—his care-ridden face had sometimes. It explained the young lady to me, also the predilection my aunt had for him. That day, too, however, he came back in the evening, sad, and wretched as usual. I met him at the door and under his cloak, as many times before, he had the bottle of Italian wine, and he sat with it half the night in his hell upstairs. It grieved me. What a comfortless, what a forlorn and shiftless life he led!

OK I am For Real starting the Intern Proceedings this weekend. I am going to begin interviewing the beautiful fools who have responded to my Craigslist ad, bless their hearts. Oh, god! What am I doing? My stupid meaningless whatever. Well . . . for me at least, it sure beats the alternative. I mean I guess it does.

Come, Sancho!! Let us. . . .

. . . ride as brothers on the wild plains of this doomed world! And. . . .

. . . indulge in philosophical reflections! And. . . .

. . . venture into the terrifying forest at night! And. . . .

. . . uh, find trees full of hanged men. And finally. . . .

. . . sadly revisit the place of my defeat, which is every miserable inch of this earth which I have trod and skulked and crawled upon in the 30 years of my grotesquely vaporous life!

Do you got what it TAKES? Email me! I’m serious as a heart attack, unfortunately.

but lightly in the abyss, which swallows up / judas with lucifer, he put us down