10 October 2018

i have for various reasons over the years been punched and cut and split open

i also naturally have dark sadness marks beneath my eyes and have since i was a kid

well: due to a massive black eye i sustained during those dark days in ghost town, which is a truly miserable part of oakland, i now have a permanent slightly-more-shut-than-my-left-eye edgar-allan-poe-ass drooping right eye, and the broken capillaries beneath have never healed correctly, which looks ghoulish as hell all on its own

but! when i am extremely exhausted, like i am tonight, it looks like i have that same black eye all over again . . . five and a half godforsaken years later!

creeping jesus! i haven’t slept in six days. you should see this son of a bitch tonight!

07 October 2018

i’m at the airport in vienna headed to berlin in an hour. when i land i’m gonna get drunk and walk around till dawn on account of my twelve-hour layover.

yeah man. YEAH.

headin into the stars with ‘starless’ on. that’s the only way to fly, baby~


07 October 2018

vienna, which is where my family is from, with my little sister

02 October 2018

“I saw there on that vast and shapeless plain a menacing war-zeppelin the color of doom, upon which was smeared in great white lettering, ‘VIII NOTHING’. . . .

“By the ramp leading into the ship’s hull stood a bearded man clad in forest green. He had on his head a worn leather cap smeared with soot. As I approached he did not turn to me, but puffed at his rolled cigarette, and winced at the swirling black storms beyond the mountains. I asked for his name and when the smoke had emptied from his nostrils he told me he was called Blacksher. He said he was traveling to the icy wastes of Antarctica with a crew of whacked-out nobodies, and that if it was my intention to join them I would have to speak with the Star Sailor. . . .”

(a long time ago now)

02 October 2018

if you have not yet seen MANDY i give it uhhhh my Absolute Highest Recommendation

jesus lord in heaven, dude

what the fuck are the rest of you doing??? what’s your excuse for not making anything even a hundredth this good???

as i like to say: get out of my face with the rest of this trash!!!! this movie has balls the size of jupiter and they’re swinging back and forth for all eternity man.

also: do not read about it at all. not even a synopsis. i’m serious as a heart attack. go in completely blind and you will scream until your stupid head explodes. zip up that diaper and get ready to have fun for a change. you can thank me later!!!!

yeah. GET IT