i’ve been feeling like a parody of myself recently . . . hain’t necessarily imposter syndrome but maybe something like that . . . maybe something worse even

i don’t wanna feel sorry for myself anymore. i’m too old to do that now. and i don’t think i’m a bad person, i just wish i were a better one is all

The other day I got my hair cut by this lady on Solano Avenue in Albany, and somehow we figured out that she lives in the house I used to live in on Mead Avenue! That’s insane. She said she used to live in my bedroom, but then moved across the hall to Alayna / Laura’s room, and gave my room to her son. I told her that when they were renovating the house, my landlord had found a dog skeleton in my bedroom, and that the place used to be a meth lab. Anyway this blew my mind. We couldn’t believe it.

Man, I miss that place. I miss it all the god dang time. :,(

man, yes, i have been saying this for years. it’s just baby food for yuppies and shit. pathetic!!

you know when you’re running around in skyrim or zelda or whatever, and you come across some weird dude in a field or a forest or whatever

and they’re camping or living alone in a little witch’s shack, and you just chill and talk to them for a little while

just talkin cuz it’s nice to

they live alone and stay up late on purpose and like talking to people they don’t know, or have no one else to talk to otherwise

well, i gotta say: i love experiencing the real life equivalent of this and those people

just hangin out in the middle of the night with a cool stranger and talking about new things

i like those people more than anyone

hey! i like to think i’m one of those people too. or anyway i hope i am (lol)

Sometimes when I’m on a long walk I’ll pass by a bedroom, and you can kinda see inside because there are no curtains, and it’s got nice lighting and paintings on the wall and a big bookshelf and things like that— and, seeing that it is a cool room, I’ll think, “Yeah . . . somebody cool probably lives here lol”

saw someone wearing a t-shirt today that said “everything will be fine”


get real