Wow! I was taking a bath a few minutes ago, and at the end I drained the tub until just my nose and mouth were poking out as I lay flat on my back. And I had me a real Sylvia Plath moment listening to my own heartbeat while almost fully submerged in beautifully hot water. This thing sounded like a god darn helicopter landing in slow motion. It ruled.

And now I am out and I did my skincare routine. . . .

  • witch hazel toner
  • (moved vitamin C serum to mornin)
  • retinol
  • moisturizer

. . . and now I’m all baby-soft and glow-y. Yeah!

OK time to sleep~ ☆彡

it’s true and don’t forget it!!!

also happy birthday judy lol

ok just to get this on record

THE IDIOT is my favorite iggy pop album


STATION TO STATION is my favorite bowie album

yeah duuudddeee

the dark wooden cabin at the corner of russell and hillgrass in berkeley is my bay area dream house. if i had a place like that i’d give laura and monty rooms and wear a black kimono and write insane trash for the rest of my life. ugh!!

My good friend Alayna made this for me for my birthday. I was still in Germany at the time, and so she sent me a picture of it, but she gave it to me in person when I saw her a few weeks ago:

Man!! Thanks Alayna :,-)

I know all the best streets in North Oakland and Berkeley to find the friendly outdoor cats who live there. When I go on walks I purposely walk down those streets to visit my little dudes. That is something I dreaded not having anymore when I left Oakland in December. I gotta have my street cat friends!

Anyway I’ve been visiting them again. They’re still here. And because everyone is hiding inside during the quarantine, especially that late, it’s just us out there. I hold em and let them climb on my back. It rules.