happy birthday to my sweet friend pallas!!! 💜

. . . pictured here in a forest in the great state of washington she and i walked through last fall~

(ALSO: she is in the 26 club, just like me (my birthday is january 26th))

yeah i have this exact conversation with myself at least once a day

also TOKYO STORY is incredible. lord

what is a country? i guess it is a big livestock pen shared by a bunch of people who hate each other

Of all his characters, Fellini once said, Cabiria was the only one he was still worried about. In 1992, when Fellini was given an honorary career Oscar, he looked down from the podium to Masina sitting in the front row and told her not to cry. The camera cut to her face, showing her smiling bravely through her tears, and there was Cabiria.

from ebert’s review of NIGHTS OF CABIRIA

one of the most beautiful films i’ve ever seen in my life 😓

i will absolutely weep like a child if i think about it too long

sweet cabiria!! i worry about you too

that strawberry supermoon is insane. i think it will still be huge and bright tomorrow night as well. it’s the third supermoon in a row . . . and the last one for all of 2021! so go see it!

does anyone else get the sense that no one truly has any idea what’s going on, that it is clear civilization has no pilot and hangs from a thread as thin as a spiderweb, and that the entire human race is in free fall through an endless abyss of our own making lol