aw man! happy birthday to my sweet friend amissa, who i met many years ago in los angeles, and who i stay with every time i go down there. she has always been a good and loyal friend to me. i told her that when i called her at midnight pacific standard time to say happy birthday

(amissa, like my friends melody and pallas and i, is part of the 26 club on account of our being born on the 26th of our respective months)

anyway: love ya girl~

today i was importin pix to my computer, on account of my not having done it since july, and i found this. aw! maddie took this because she was directly across from me

seeya in a few weeks my sweet friend!

last night i had a dream that i met a hot goth girl who was wearing the same denim jacket as mine, and who also had the same psychomania pin i have on my lapel:

i was so excited to meet someone who also loves psychomania. and upon waking i felt that little sadness that she was purely my own subconscious invention. oh well~

p.s. have you seen the intro to psychomania? it’s one of my favorite things:

laura and i came up with this over christmas when we were rewatching the lord of the rings. i STUMBLED UPON IT while going through my phone earlier

anyway i think it’s pretty accurate ok?

bethany and her roommates called me from some bar in savannah tonight. they kept on passin the phone around. it was cute

she and i hung out a lot last summer when we were both stranded in virginia. we’d go hang out in a field by the airport, or drink seltzers (lol) and smoke cigarettes on this weird little dock in her hometown, which is like fifteen miles from where i grew up. bethany is cool. i wish she were still here