i am in ankara, turkey for the second time in my life

here are my friends ege and demet and my weekend at bernie’s ass yesterday at some cool restaurant where we chilled all afternoon

that little longing you feel when you’re waiting to hear back from someone cute~


man i was going through some ancient emails and found a bunch from one of my best and oldest friends. for 11 years she has been sending me emails about what she did that day, or dreams of hers where we did something together, or music she wanted me to listen to, and on and on. she has never forgotten my birthday. sorry to get all TENDER but: i think about you every day. i love you so much ☆彡

STONE (1974) absolutely rules lol

damn!!! inspired stuff

happy father’s day to my beloved pep-pep

this was taken on a forlorn beach in northern california in the summer of 2019, the final summer before The Plague . . . back when life was beautiful. my dad and my sister and i had driven north from the bay area and stayed in a big cabin in the woods in sonoma county. that was one of the best trips i ever took. and when i returned home, i returned to my cool life, where i lived in a nice apartment and was surrounded by friends and even in love with someone who maybe loved me too. oh well lol

anyway: my father is one of my best friends. i am lucky to be his son. ok?

people tell me this often, but i know one day i’m going to suddenly age all at once, like dorian gray. they’ll find my ruined body crumpled up on the floor, my face to the ground, and upon rolling me upright, they will be aghast . . . as i am now some hideous 200-year-old-lookin freak ass!!

you always kind of feel like a dork quoting the guy, but every now and then i’ll read something of his and think “yeah . . .”

i wrote to my old boss and told her how much i missed her and everyone else I used to work with . . . and she sent me a sweet reply. wow! i sure do wish i still worked there. also those are obviously not real tears though they may as well be lol