“see how elastic our stiff prejudices grow when love once comes to bend them”

the clown girl and i drove up the 1 to santa cruz on sunday . . . we had Roadside Pie and Little Coffees, and saw cows and fields and rolling green hills, and on and on, with the pacific ocean always on our right. twenty-five miles outside of town, we stopped at a vast stretch of beach she knew, and we explored the wet caves and tunnels there, and saw the crumbling concrete ruins of things which no longer serve any obvious purpose. later, on the side of a hotel which she says is haunted, i reunited with my spirit-brother james dean. it was great!


emma and me at telegraph beer garden in temescal last night

daphne took these and jill stood nearby looking like a million bucks

mccune and i used to go to the beer garden every week and get free coffee, on account of our friend rachel being the boss there. those were the Old Oakland days i talk about a lot. the place has gotten a lot classier when it had been a dump before, which i preferred, but it’s still just a bunch of picnic beneath a tin roof and right on telegraph avenue, so hey. at the very least, i’m glad it still exists!

she’s back!! and my quasi-roommate for the next week and a half!!

if you can spare a few bucks to help with my friend judy’s funeral expenses, i sure would appreciate it


(sawdust and tinsel, starring my girlfriend harriet andersson)