DUDES DONE WRONG is a sacred ritual that began in Oakland, California during the darkest age our species has ever known. Once a week in this hallowed corner of time and space, we the weary souls of the End Times gather in silence and darkness to bear witness to the only real truth, which is mighty tragedy.

It was decreed, in the long long ago, by the Dark Sorcerer Zak “Delicious” McCune, that “. . . viewings shall be held every Thursday until the sun absolutely sets on time itself. They will start at 8 p.m. sharp with or without you. My soul is prepared. How’s yours?”

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area? Do you seek shelter from this morally- and spiritually-bankrupt corpse of a world? Send me an email telling me what your favorite movie is and why (the latter is more important than the former), and I will reply with the address to my fortified compound on the Oakland-Berkeley border. You will be welcomed at the black gates by your fellow dispirited brothers and sisters.

A list of films past, present, and films future shall be added below. The record of “Films” can never be undone. Please anticipate it.