This is going to sound like I’m joking but I’m not.

Remember when people had websites? You know, like something that wasn’t connected to anything else? It was just a website and people said some stuff or put up pictures they took or whatever. Or they talked about a thing they really enjoyed, like a movie or a TV show. Man, that was cool. And you would have a website, and some people you liked had websites too, and you would link to them and read each other’s websites. There were little networks of friends, and the only reason you knew about each other was because you randomly found their website by searching for something else maybe. You just kind of discovered them on your own. It was like finding a shark’s tooth on the beach!

That is, I guess, what this thing is. I designed and coded my website myself. It is not connected to anything. It is not an online portfolio or a glorified business card or a way for me to “connect” to people in I reckon what is now the conventional sense. I miss the sort of naive earnestness of those things. It’s not like that anymore as far as I can tell. And listen I’m not saying my way—the old way—is better than any of the other stuff they’ve got now, I’m just saying I prefer it this way. It’s real cool. I like it.

Just about every email I ever get from someone who reads this website (all of them very nice strangers), say to me: “I have no idea how I found your website.” That’s incredible. I love that. I mean it, I think that’s great.