hey, i think this is the realest thing neil young ever said:

“you’re all just pissin in the wind / you don’t know it but you are
and there ain’t nothin like a friend / who can tell you you’re just pissin in the wind”

followed by:

“i need a crowd of people / but i can’t face them day-to-day
though my problems are meaningless / that don’t make them go away”

followed by:

“well all those people / they think they got it made
but i wouldn’t buy, sell, borrow or trade / anything i have
to be like one of them / i’d rather start all over again”


“well all those headlines / they just bore me now
i’m deep inside myself / but i’ll get out somehow”

whoa . . . those are the last three songs from ‘on the beach.’ yeah, they sure are.