Hey I made a new website. Or rather I came up with it and prototyped it (lol) two years and never did anything with it. Two of my friends and I wrote all the things you see up right now. My plan was to write like a hundred of these and then release it into the wild, but I guess I’m just going to go ahead and shoot it out into space right now! It is called DEAD TYMES and it is entirely made up of newspaper scraps from a dark apocalyptic hellscape of a future. Here:


I’m gonna do one every other day, unless I feel like doing one a day. I will probably write one every day now that I think of it . . . I’ll just wake up and bang one out. I actually already have ideas for like fifty more, which I have written down on a piece of paper that has hearts all over it that I found in my grandmother’s house. I am also employing several other secret writers, but hell, I ain’t gonna tell you who they are!

Another secret is that maybe I accept submissions?? Maybe!

Anyway tell me what you think!!!