How does a writer publish their writing somewhere that isn’t a dumb cartoony secret website that nobody cares about?

Well: I imagine they think to themselves, “This thing I have made isn’t very good. I mean, it’s probably OK, but I still hate it. I’m going to send it anyway. Maybe someone will get something out of it. Hell, I don’t know.”

That’s what I would think. But the truth is that, for a lot of the writing that gets put out, crippling self-doubt doesn’t even enter into the quote unquote writer’s brain. Man, that’s kind of sad. That makes me really sad.

However! I should probably send something somewhere. Why the heck not? The worst that could happen is someone scans a story I have written and realizes they don’t care about it. How is that different from anything else about me or any of the other seven billion lost souls out there?