I think this is the best way to describe the day I had:

In a TV series, there is at least one episode in a season that sticks out and feels weird and off—usually because it is written by someone other than the usual writer(s). Sometimes it is the best episode, but almost always it is the worst episode.

Well: Today I felt like my day was written by someone else. I felt weird in my own body! And every interaction I had was just slightly off. If it had been outlandishly bizarre and different that would have been one thing. No, it was so close to the real thing that even the most subtle differences made it unnerving.

Like I became unglued from the thing!

I am, I think, still unglued from the thing.

This happens sometimes, I guess. Maybe at a certain point you get old and you can never get back to the thing again. You are unglued forever.