Santa Monica, 11:35 a.m. . . . Jack and I have awoken on the couch of our friend Alex, the second time this year. His girlfriend made us coffee. I drank it out of a “Lucky Brand” mug and, when I was finished, exclaimed, “Now that’s some god darn good coffee you got here.” She said, “It was the kind that was on sale.” I said, “The kind that’s on sale is the best kind.”

I checked my bank account and saw that a few hundred dollars were deposited overnight . . . must be payday. Immediately I used these pathetic funds to chip away at the massive amount of debt I’m in. Lord, I guess I’m going to be doing this exact ritual for some time. And when I’m not I’ll still be poor, but a little less poor, and that certainly couldn’t hurt.

Today we venture back to North Hollywood, and then tonight I plan to see my friend Amy in Silver Lake. Maybe it will be a mistake, going there. But maybe it will be real nice. Who the hell knows anymore~