My buddy Dan Tabár (acute accent!) is a photographer, and the nicest dude you could ever hope to meet!!

Anyway I was looking at his portfolio tonight, and I noticed something real funny:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 04.18.30

That’s me! God, what. I promise I was not posing in that picture. I was at Actual Cafe a few blocks from my house in Oakland hanging out with some jerks and Dan took that with a camera that I’m sure cost more than everything I’ve ever owned in my entire life combined.

Later we drove to Berkeley and got pizza at Cheese Board, which, hell, if you’re ever in the Bay Area, go over there and get some of that stuff because it’s real good. Just ignore the live Carlos Santana-sounding dad jazz band and get the pizza to go.

Anyway Dan took some pixxx of me and my friends Tim and Kerwin that make it look like we’re planning a heist:



So I made this, which I’ve posted here before, and which is modeled after the DVD cover of David Mamet’s “HEIST,” which is one of my favorite movies:


Hell I don’t know, hire this guy! He’s a nice cool dude.