as laura pointed out to me, probably by accident, my good friends are people i met through some weird ghostly form:

tracey (skype, then penpals for years)

laura (okcupid: i sent her a message saying “YOU’RE COOL” to which she replied “no i’m not!” and then i said “ok.” six months later she lived across the hall from me!)

dante (craigslist! the woman who sold him to me ($40!) said he was the runt, and that all the other kittens picked on him, and that cemented the fact that we were buddies and that i wanted to take him home with me)

hali (met my buddy in illinois, moved to oakland, moved into my house! what a wonderful person she is. and to think we could have never met at all~~)

my other buddies, kendall and hal, share the same blood as me. they are fine and beautiful people. like tracey and laura and dante and hali, i will love them until my blood runs cold.