jessica pratt’s second album is really good by the way. i mean so is her first album . . . i fall asleep to it every single god darn night. i used to email her all the time, but i think i was annoying her so i stopped. we’re the same age! my friend danielle said she ran into her at a bar in LA, which i totally believe!!

anyway these are the lyrics that are illuminated in my mind like that evil script written on The One Ring after gandalf heats it up in the fireplace . . . but in this case it’s a good thing! as in, i’ll be sitting there with this album on, and working on other things, and i can’t help but always hear these lines:

“everybody tells me / he’s the kinda guy, you don’t know why he does
oh, stargazer, gaze for awhile / let me love you, baby”

“you’re on the outside, you’re looking in / to the escalators humming
they are pulling you from nothing / but your loneliness”

“i know you’re searching all the time / in the corners of your mind
but you can’t turn this planet round”

“if you just can’t find the words to tell / let me say that i know you well
deep inside your lonely room / our cards tell you but never get too far”