Well, I definitely just walked around North Oakland with a $3 bottle of wine. When I neared the Wolf Hound I hid the bottle behind a tree and went inside. I got a whiskey sour and sat alone at the bar. I drank it fast. The place was mostly empty and it creeped me out that there was no music. Back on the street I retrieved my wine and headed toward the Berkeley Hills and then looped around and went west toward the San Francisco Bay. God knows where I was in places in between. At one point I ended up in the smallest park in Oakland, where my friend Megan Beard took me in the fall a few weeks before I moved into the neighborhood. She’s gone now, but I wished she was still here. I thought, hell, the whole god dang world done passed me by, huh. I thought also that a wine bottle would make a good weapon if it really came down to it.