OK I did this once before on this godforsaken website, but that was years ago. Also I think I took it down because I was embarrassed that the post was like literally fifteen paragraphs long. So here is a list of my favorite Beatles songs. I am going to write down 11 of them in no order except maybe “I’m Only Sleeping” because that is definitely my favorite one:

  1. I’m Only Sleeping
  2. I’m So Tired
  3. For No One
  4. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  5. Girl
  6. Julia
  7. Yer Blues
  8. I’m a Loser
  9. Rocky Raccoon
  10. A Day In The Life
  11. Norwegian Wood

‘Rubber Soul’ is uh my favorite album of theirs . . . it’s real good.

Also here is a thing that makes the most sense to me right now:

“you know i can’t sleep, i can’t stop my brain / you know it’s three weeks, i’m going insane / you know i’d give you everything i’ve got / for a little peace of mind”

yeah baby.