Well, I just finished writing a . . . hell, I don’t know what you call this thing, though hey, as far as I can tell I did in fact write it!


I have called this thing “It Ends Badly.” If you somehow have nothing better to do than read this thing (I’m sorry), then you will find out why it is called that. It is about an old man in the future. I don’t know, I had a lot of fun writing it. I tried to write it years ago when I lived in Austin, but I was a sorry sack of marshmallow back then so I could never get it right. I sure did write it just now in about a half hour! Which is going to be screamingly obvious pretty much immediately.

I have been writing two other long pieces . . . one of them is about death, and the other is about rock & roll. Yeah baby.

OK bye I’m re-watching two episodes of ‘True Detective’ every night after I finish The Day’s Work, and unfortunately the excrement you may or may not have just clicked on is, in fact, The Day’s Work. (I did a lot of other stuff too, ok guys.)

Bye love you ☆ミ