I met this girl last summer. She was only in Oakland for a few days and she was real cool. I remember one night I took her to Albany Bulb. It was late and chilly out. We walked down the long path there to get to the jetty and I helped her down the slope near the concrete lookout tower and we went out onto the rocks. I took her to the very edge where I said a bench had been at a one time, but we discovered it had washed away. We stood there in total darkness and I showed her where San Francisco was, and the Golden Gate Bridge way the hell out there, and how it connected to the North Bay, and so on. By the time we went to head back, the tide had come in and the jetty was disappearing. With no firm route we had to jump from rock to rock to get to shore. It was dark and I would jump first, then hold my hand out and pull her across. We climbed back up the slope and followed the moonlit trail back to my car.


What happened to stuff like that