When I worked at the donut shop in Oakland, we had to pack donuts to be shipped out to coffee shops / grocery stores all over the Bay Area. Usually new people were stuck with this position because it sucked. You had to pack 30 or so boxes and it was really monotonous and if you fucked up it meant you fucked up someone’s order. Eventually you “graduated” out of this position. By the time I left I hadn’t packed a single donut box in a year.

Anyway we delivered to Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. Usually donuts were packed in thick bakery boxes, but Rainbow was having a rat problem and the boxes kept getting eaten because of the crumbs that would collect in the boxes. They requested flimsy disposable boxes instead. I used to draw little pictures on them to make the Rainbow people laugh. I stopped doing this after one of the delivery drivers told me the woman in the bakery said I needed psychiatric help.

Here are a few of them: