A few hours ago I saw Melt Banana play in downtown Oakland because some girls I like invited me and I wanted to be around them. Afterwards I felt deaf and tired and weird (but not so much in a bad way). When I got home I made tea and drank a bunch of water and looked at old pictures. I found one from December 2006, which was the winter after I had graduated from high school. In it, I have the same longish hair I have now and the same amount of “man, who cares” facial hair. I took a picture of the November 2013 version of myself and put them side by side.

The only real difference between the two is that now I look skinnier and sadder . . . and the dark rings around my eyes have deepened and darkened. Also I look dead inside.

(I would put the pictures up, but I don’t trust the world not to be cruel.)