Hey why not, here is The Agenda For Today, or “The Heavy Work I Must Complete To Earn My Place In Heaven.” Yup:

  • finish reworking “DEATH-YODELS FROM THE DEEP: A YEAR WITH ROCK & ROLL” (I think this is going up tonight)
  • edit the hell out of my novel, which, for GOD’S SAKE, I’m finally going to publish
  • I wrote a little skit, I need to film it
  • feel all right, drink some coffee
  • help my needy cat have a fulfilling day
  • outline the next Gritt Calhoon tale, which is mostly written in my head as much as you can really write those things, which is tentatively titled “Gritt Calhoon and The Big-Ass Hole In The Ground” (it is about Gritt discovering a big-ass hole in the ground and then investigating it)
  • I have decided the next Gritt tale will star “old Gritt.” After I finish it I’m going to publish a four-story book with his adventures up until this point

yeah baby what’s up