my friends are mostly younger than me. i like them. they are good people. they’re down for stuff, which older people tend not to be. people my age always say they’re too tired / too depressed / have to go home to the boring person they’re sleeping with. and it’s like, yeah man. that’s everyone. but you can still do stuff (and maybe it would make you feel better about all that other crap).

anyway: you know what! i really enjoy the sort of big brotherly / avuncular thing i sometimes find myself in. when someone comes to me and admits their fears or whatever, and i get to say, “ah, well. . . .” and then a bunch of vague crap about shit falling into place sometimes eventually. i mean it’s not untrue. it’s sincere. then: “aw hell come on. enough of that for now. let’s go walk around with some shit wine i bought from the gas station.”