McCune met me at work today. My shift had just ended, and so I ordered some food and sat down. He just had coffee. He told me in the night something had come loose in his head—that a shift had occurred.

“You know how Japanese castles have those big stone foundations? Imagine looking at one and then visiting it a hundred years later and one of the stones has moved. That’s what happened last night while I slept.”

And I thought, holy lord, that happened to me too. I can’t explain the particulars—I haven’t had much time to think about it—but it happened.

This is the only part I can explain concretely: I got rid of half my things. Some of it I sold, some of it I gave away. I deleted any music I had where a guy does something like sing about a girl he loved when he was sixteen or whatever. I went through my bookmarks and realized I didn’t care about anything there and hoped I never saw any of it again.

I wrote my father a letter and told him he’s the only person on earth I trust completely.

What a great thing! The castle stones have shifted and I’m having me a good old time in the process.