I’m just going to go ahead and say this again, for maybe the thousandth time, to absolutely no one at all: If your blog posts require footnotes, then you should maybe reconsider a lot of things about your life. Holy lord.

I am genuinely bummed out that I can’t just go to another planet and chill out with some intelligent lifeforms who have similar dispositions / habits / lifestyles / et cetera

What a miserable mystery to have to solve: Do I act this way because of me, or because of the drugs prescribed to me by a doctor?

My roommates would tell you I love cabbage and coconut milk, and drink about a gallon of tea a day, and listen to ‘Pancho and Lefty’ a lot

“Well, now, it was a strange time, you see— that some people could make very little money educating children, for instance, while other people made a whole lot of money having sex in front of a camera.”


Oh hey I know all these people! They’re good ones. Also: this is Thanksgiving. It was a good Thanksgiving.

I made coleslaw and pumpkin cornbread muffins!!!!