I was just telling Leila that I hope this is what my future looks like!!!!

Christmas night . . . I biked home from McCune’s at 1 am. I didn’t see a single person outside till I passed a lone cyclist around 55th and San Pablo. We were equally intrigued by one other, like “Hey, who’s this fucking guy?” Maybe he hadn’t seen anyone either.

At home I fed Dante and made tea. The house was empty— both of my roommates are out of town. I sat in my room under four layers and drank my tea. I could see my breath. I watched ‘The Wild One’ and now I’m going to sleep.


My friend Alex asked me what my favorite movie was. I thought about it for a second, and yeah! It’s definitely ‘Point Blank’.

My greatest aspiration in life is to grow out a mustache, put on a huge belt buckle, and chew gum at the mall