I want to add a new page to this website called DUDES WHO ARE COOL or something and write a paragraph about all of the cool dudes who have made life on Earth bearable for me because they made some cool stuff or said some cool stuff or were just cool and stood there and looked cool

Maybe I will do it tomorrow!!

BEST BEATLES ALBUM: Rubber Soul yeeaaah!!!!

BEST IGGY POP ALBUM: THE IDIOT, you idiot!!!!!!!!!


BEST ZEPPELIN ALBUM: I’m all about Physical Graffiti, baby!!!!

BEST SABBATH ALBUM: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath ALL GOD DARN DAY man!!!!

BEST SPRINGSTEEN ALBUM: Sorry, but I just like chilling out to Nebraska and I don’t care who knows it!!!!!


Anytime someone says “San Francisco” and it’s not appropriate for me to say it aloud, I always say to myself in my own brain: “. . . more like San Fransucksblow

Today I wrote to my friend Dan Lama, and told him that ‘She Smiles Sweetly’ always makes me think of him, and that I missed him a whole god darn lot and I hoped he was OK

And he started to respond a few times—I saw him typing—but then never did

Whoa! I wonder what he would have said

♫ I think about a girl sometimes
She lives down in Los Angeles
Yeah, I like that girl
I’d hang out with that girl
She’s a cool one, that girl
Oh baby yeah~~~ ♫

“What do you need? Are you OK? Do you need me to hug you? Do you want a sandwich?” is something I would say to almost anyone

If I were rich one of the few things I would buy is a very expensive toothbrush

If I get to the gates of whatever comes next, if there are gates, and if there is a “next”—and the guardian of this gate denies me entry to a place of eternal rest, I’m going to throw up my arms and say, “Man are you freakin kidding me”

Tonight I listened to a bunch of Roy Orbison songs and it felt so good I almost cried


Here’s a picture of some idiot who should probably be in prison sitting next to a big-a** f**kin squirrel in Japan!!!!!